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on Jun 24, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Your Photography Have Flare?

Flare has been around since the first lens was attached to a body. What causes flare is really not a mystery, it’s a simple thing. Light striking the front element of the lens, either directly or at a glancing blow. Most lenses come today with a shade to help prevent flare but if you never point your lens towards the sun, than you have nothing to worry about. But that kind of photographic philosophy is kinda boring. The flare you see in these images is the most common. What I make fun of by calling it UFOs, Unidentified Flaring Objects, typically are color orbs that radiate out from the point of flare. You can even create these in Photoshop and there is a great video out making fun of all the computer generated flare in the last Star Trek movie. The flare you see here is one that I went out and actually looked for in the photograph’s creation. It was used to bring more drama to the photo....

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on Jun 21, 2013 in Field Reports

Moose is Going to Africa – A Opening

You read correctly, I’m going to Africa and you can come with me! I’ve been invited by the amazing Images in Africa Safaris to be apart of their Oct, 2014 program. Some of you have asked me in the past if I would go to Africa and I typically said no for a number of reasons. Well, Images of Africa Safaris has those issues covered, the biggest being going to a region, the riches in critters while having the ability to travel off the roads in pursuit of the great image. In their words From the vehicle, or on foot during guide and tracker led bushwalks, guests will photograph and experience African wildlife at a world renowned Private Game Reserve in Namibia or Kruger National Park . Each group size is small enough to allow for personal instruction both in the field and back at the lodge, so join us and enjoy the spectacular wildlife and stunning beauty of the African bush.With up to 20 guide led game drives...

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on Jun 21, 2013 in Field Reports

Not Over Yet! – B&H / Huge Nikon Rebates!

Just In! B&H is happy to announce that we will now be increasing our reward program and paying a 4% reward on all purchases of most DSLR & Mirrorless cameras and lenses. With all the ongoing rebates going on this month this is a very exciting additional savings for our customers. We strongly believe that this is the best time to buy photo gear in a long time. Click on banner to find lots of great...

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on Jun 20, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Editorial Market – My New Class at PSW

I’m here madly getting the class notes written for the Photoshop World Workbook for the addition of my new class, Breaking In and Making It in the Editorial Market. I’ve been called, “Mr Prolific” for a reason, I live in and love the editorial market place. It’s change A LOT in my three decades but the goal is still the same, getting paid for telling stories. How do you do that, how do you break in and then continue to make it in a market place many see as fading away? Well, you’d best come if you’d like to hear how WRP is doing it. Oh, I’m still teaching my Critter & Aviation class (which will be all new from the Spring PSW), I just wanted to support the new Business track at PSW and hopefully inspire more of you to getting into what I still feel is the best profession on the plant. Cya there! Note: One of the photos on this page was shot with a Coolpix...

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on Jun 20, 2013 in Aviation, Digital Darkroom

It’s Not Magic, It’s Vision

Paying dues, it’s how the biz operates. The amazing opportunities that seem to come my way I wish were just presented to me on a silver platter but such is not the case. There is a ying to the yang and after it being that way for three decades, I have no issue with the system. I know in the end that the opportunity I have in my heart will materialize. This is the relationship I have with Stead Airport, I put in my time doing photographs you wouldn’t think are your typical Moose genre and in the end, the opportunity appears that is just up my alley. That’s how the afternoon shoot with this gorgeous P-51D came about. The seed was planted years ago and on this day, it bloomed. It’s how I have come to operate. I wasn’t very patient when I was a kid with this system but life has taught me to be patient. It does come and when it does, oh, is it sweet!...

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