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on Jul 31, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Bison Roll Over

Next to Moose & Griz, Bison fill my files more than any other mammal. Them “Shaggy dogs” just suck me in every time! The challenge is always to get something new, though what “new” might be until you’re in front of them is often a question mark in the process. This was my first opportunity to photograph Bison with the D4, that was what I was going to start with as my “new” this time out. May in the Black Hills of South Dakota is a great time. Especially at Custer State Park where the Bison are dropping their calves. The herd is always on the move, even during calving season. It’s pretty simple biology, a whole bunch of mouths to feed and only so much grass. The system is pretty cool though because the Bison never mow down one spot to nothing. In a very generalized looking at a week of grazing, the Bison tend to be back at the same spot within 8 days. You could easily...

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on Jul 30, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Hoary Moment

Jake and I had been up on the Arctic Plain for a four days chasing the never before photographed Alaskan Marmot. As part of that project were getting photos by us of Hoary Marmots, a population not habituated. For example, you can basically pet the Hoary Marmots in Denali at Savage Rock as well as many other locations. The Hoary Marmot range is south of the Yukon River, the Alaska Marmot is north of the Yukon River but really now is just north side of the Brooks Range. Well, the biologists knew about this one Hoary Marmot colony not too far north of Fairbanks but way in the hell up a mountain and away from anybody. So Jake and I made the trek to spend time with them. The plan was to spend a couple of days at the colony. The key phrase with this entire project is, “that was the plan.” Mother Nature has a mind of her own and when you combine that with politics and money,...

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on Jul 29, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

Elk Kill

For years and years, I’ve gone to Yellowstone in the heart of winter looking for one opportunity. I’ve gotten up and entered the park long before sun up in search of that opportunity. And only once have I been rewarded for that persistence. That’s the very nature of wildlife photography. But that one time is one I wouldn’t trade for all the camera gear at B&H! On a dark and snowy day, we came across a fresh elk kill, the carcass hadn’t even been broken open. Over the next ten hours, we witness the carcass nearly disappear and countless coyotes and wolves come and feast. What you’ll see in the video is just one of the coyotes, the one that seemed to have the greatest nerve to deal with pressure that comes eating at a carcass in winter, especially one brought down by wolves. You can tell it’s the same coyote because of the “Z” scare on its nose. What made this kill really amazing was its location. We...

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on Jul 26, 2013 in Aviation, Gear Just Introed!

What Gear Am I Taking to Osh?

As little as possible! Seriously, when you walk 6+ miles each day, too much gear just kills so this is where less is more! At the same time, I need to have the tools for the known and unknown, for the given and the imagination. With that in mind, you’re probably going to think I have everything but the kitchen sink. I’d have that but I’ll be in a tent. Here ya go: D4 (3x 1 rented from D800 200-400VR2 80-400VR3 24-70AFS 18-35AFS 50f1.4AFS 24f1.4AFS 16Fish TC-14eII GoPro Hero3 (2x) Contour+ ContourRoam2 Lexar 128GB 1000x CF (6) Lexar 32GB & 64GB microSD (6, at least until I loose them darn small things) Think Tank Airport Vulture Strap Sun Sniper Strap Mountain Smith sling bag You might be wondering why I have both the 200-400VR and 80-400VR3. There are a number of reasons, the first being I can put teleconverters on the 200-400 and easily work. Next, the 80-400 is a dust pump (dust pump is an old term...

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on Jul 26, 2013 in Aviation

Off to Osh!

Jake & I head out tomorrow for one of the funniest events of the summer, AirAdventure in Oshkosh, WI. This will be my third time to Osh and really looking forward to it. I’ve gone for the first part, I’ve gone for the last part but this time, we’re going for the WHOLE thing! I’m volunteering to shoot for EAA Warbirds so really looking forward to getting into the trenches doing some spot assignments. There are many of YOU heading there and I would love to shake your hand! So if you see me, please introduce yourself. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Just understand, and you might not realize it, I might actually be working when you see me. So if that happens, my apologies, just bare with me. But please say hi! Being where internet is so impacted, I have all of next week’s blog posts up and ready for you. Each day is a new critter blog with video, stills, text and gear....

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