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on Jul 9, 2013 in Aviation

A Meeting with Freedom


“Wanna go flyin?”
When Warren Pietsch asks standing next to his Waco at his airport, you grab your camera and go!

“Wanna see the world from a different perspective?”
Winner of the 2005 “Bill Barber Showmanship Award” asks this, of course you say yes!

“Want to see my favorite canyon?”
It’s gorgeous with all sorts of wildlife

“Why don’t we do a quick join up?”
Sure, a little air to air with a 16Fish sounds like bigtime fun!

“Let’s have a little more fun”
As if the whole experience hasn’t been totally amazing already!

“How was that?”
More fun than one can ever imagine or express!

Photography has afforded me more amazing opportunities like this than one could ever expect in a lifetime. While being in North Dakota for the 4th was planned, being with friends was planned, all the great flying was not. All I had on the flight was a D4 / 16Fish, and that’s all I needed besides the good friends. In the wide open, private space that being in this country makes possible, this kind of flying can be enjoyed and with great pilots and friends, shared. It seemed only fitting on the 4th to have such a meeting with freedom!