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on Jul 12, 2013 in Friday Thoughts

You Share for One


This is such a vast landscape! I am always intrigued and surprised who reaches out from the smallest of towns in the loneliest of places to just say thanks. When that happens, it just points out that while we are scattered to all four corners we can come together through the visual world we label photography. It just takes that one image that reaches that one person that tells us that shutter speed and f/stop don’t really matter. It the content that contains YOU that really matters because that’s what reaches out to others.


And it’s not just photography that can do this. Over the 4th, Sharon & I had the sincere honor to fly with the Texas Flying Legends Museum. We started the day in Minot helping to wash the C-53 and preparing it to fly to the small town of Rolla who was having an “airshow” to celebrate the 4th. An hour later we were in the air for the 45min flight to Rolla. The TFLM also took their Zero, both planes going over as a good neighbor gesture. It wasn’t a paid gig. Flying over, the skies turned dark with the threat of rain. Coming into the airport, Casey, at the stick of the C-53 saw the 4th of July parade going on down below. With a quick clearance, an unscheduled fly over of the parade was done to the waves of all below. Then we landed to what any airshow goer would say, was a small crowd. But it was the whole town!


And then they streamed out to the C-53. You looked at the road into the airport and it was like the movie Field of Dreams, the ending shot with headlights as far as you could see as the entire countryside came. The act of sharing, in this case an airplane, it made a difference to a whole lot of people who, until we landed, were strangers. Such was not the case afterwards and that’s the point. The act of sharing, no matter how big or small is an act of giving a little of yourself that can’t but help positively affect the next person. No words need to be attached to the act, it speaks for itself. So when you’re out shooting this weekend, keep in mind you don’t have to have the perfect photo with the perfect shutter speed or Photoshop finish. It just has to contain a piece of you to be great. With that, put it out with no words and share it and it will positively affect someone. Remember, you share for one.