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on Jul 22, 2013 in Camera Tech

“What Lens Should I Buy?”


I often feel that I live in a cave. I was just made aware that Nikon has a list of lenses (scroll down) they recommend being shot with the D800e. The premise of the list is pretty straight forward, the lenses on this list “resolve” to such high quality/standards they make the most of the ultra pixels of the D800e. Having first hand knowledge of Nikon’s standards, that’s one helluva a list to have! It was brought to my attention because I’m told Nikon just added three lenses to this list and it just so happens to be lenses I’ve recently added to my bag. So what has this trivia got to do with anything?

It seems almost hourly I receive an email asking me, “Which lens should I buy?” This is an incredibly valid and important question that for 99.9% of the folks who ask me, I can’t answer. Lens selection is a very personal thing that should be based on personal style, abilities and application. If I don’t know that about a person, my answer to the question is about as worthless as any stranger answering that question. Well, this list helps in one way in answering this question. If you want to be sure the quality you are buying is the best for the buck, then here ya go! And there are some expensive lenses here. At the same time, there are some real sleepers like the 18-35AFS that I’ve been telling you about for months which is not expensive. I can’t recommend emphatically enough to rent ( before you buy and if you want help which to start with, this list is a great place!