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on Jul 24, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

50 Years of Air Racing


The latest issue of Air & Space has a really great piece on the Reno Air Races, in particular those who have created the races as we know them today. It’s no secret that I’m into aviation photography but most don’t know I got my start at Reno and where we still pour lots of our energy. While this piece is great just with the history and personalities, but the photography is pretty sweet as well. And the astute photographer might notice not only that all the photography are people portraits, but it’s combined with aircraft and photo craft. Mike’s portrait with Dennis flying in the background is cool but the work that went into that I bet was extensive. But the best part is, those photos weren’t taken over a day or two, try a year or two! Ya, they were planned out and the whole project worked on over time making the work just that much better. I always applaud such planning and carry through, true mark of professionalism in my book. My hats off to the article, just incredibly well done!