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on Aug 12, 2013 in Aviation

Great Working with Professionals

Photog Shuffle

(You need to click on link to see video)

I’m real fortunate and get to work with some of the best. It’s not only rewarding, but a ton of fun! On my flight to photograph Texas Flying Legends Museum’s C-53, I had the great fun of working with Adam White of Hemolock Film and Xavier Meal, a great, crazy French photographer.


The marvelous time lapse you see here Adam created. When I saw him attach the Silver Hero3, I was thinking video since, he’s a video guy (really good one!). But Adam like I said is good, he set the Hero3 to do a time lapse which was genius in action! What you see above is that time lapse and a great demonstration of professionals in action. Adam & I had the job of photographing the TFLM C-53, Xavier was to photograph the FG-1 Corsair. We all needed to do this through the escape hatch that was opened on the side of the TFLM B-25J “Betty’s Dream.”


To accomplish that, we had to take turns shooting out the port when the subject we needed was at the right place in our orbit. Being all professionals, you can see how without any effort, we all moved through the port to get our shots, working together to get the shots we needed. Now “moving through” is a relative term, probably better put by Adam as the Photographer Shuffle. It was a great flight, great images, a lot of laughs and the simple pleasure of working with professionals. I want to thank Adam for providing the video. Simply genius!

On a photography note, what you see me shooting with is the D4, 80-400VR3, Hero3 (in the shot shoe) and Vulture Strap. And all that video I shot during Oshkosh? It’s filed and backed up but definitely edited and ready to post. Maybe by Christmas? 🙂