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on Aug 13, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

Buffalo DriveStation DDR


There just never seems to be enough space, ever notice that? On the lookout for small (footprint) and portable, large, fast storage, I found the new Buffalo DriveStation DDR. While it requires 120, this new drive perfectly fit the bill for on the road hard drive space for my ever increasing need for portable video storage, especially shooting Protune mode with the Silver Hero3. What makes this drive different? It’s freakin speed! Buffalo wants you to compare it’s speed with SSD, seriously! That’s right, the speed of the DDR is comparable to SSD but the 3TB DDR isn’t even $200! This is all very impressive, especially when in use. Plugged into my Mac Retina which has SSD, I can’t tell I’m working with an external. Now it’s designed to be a desktop unit but it’s working great as a portable. So, looking for more space, blistering speed for only pennies on the MB, this is the way to go!