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on Aug 15, 2013 in Camera Tech

“Where do YOU seek Advice?”


I easily receive fifty emails a day asking equipment advice. It’s only natural since we tend to go to the older folks seeking advice since in theory, they’ve already found answers with their extra years. Not that I like to think of myself as old, I’m not but I have been doing thing for a while and have accumulated some trivia I can share. But an email today made me laugh out loud, and than made me think. The emailer asked, “where do YOU seek advice?” As many know, I am constantly pushing the envelope and in that process, trying out new gear. Well, who do I ask about that new gear? This is especially true the last couple of years when it comes to video and sound. Well, being the nut case trying something new, I tend to have few peers I can tap for answers. Now this might sound corny to you, but the one source I keep pounding, and I mean pound are my friends at B&H Photo (You know I have a hotline at B&H, the number is to your right, that you can call and “Moose” folks will help you just like I can). Now, I am constantly sending “The Kid” emails asking questions and I know the first response will be something like, “I’ll get right back to you” and he does. That’s because “The Kid” is a kid, a very smart one who goes out and finds the answers I need from either those in B&H or from the manufactures. Now his bating average is about 90% and that works just fine for me. Where do YOU seek advice? There are lots of possibilities but the one thing I want to remind you in the process, keep in mind that it is only, advice. YOU must take that info and put it through YOUR head and YOUR heart to see if it’s the answer for you. Being creatives and storytellers, there are a lot more correct answers than one. It might take time, but finding the right answer for you is very much part of the photographic journey.