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on Aug 19, 2013 in Aviation

Dispatch – Father & Sons Together


As Jake puts it, “Small Bragging Rights” but it is really much more than that for me today. There are many rewards photography has brought to me, I’ve been incredibly fortunate. One was the ability to spend so much time with my boys as they grew up, it was a priority of ours. Next, photography provided us the ability to share so much of our natural world with our boys in very personal and unique ways. And lastly, photography has provided a vehicle for Sharon & I to continue to be with our boys now that they are no longer boys but men. The current issue of Dispatch Magazine is a one – two – three Peterson punch as we dominate the page real estate (the two page pano assembled for me by Brent as part of our cockpit pano series). Having our boys in the business and part of our business was never the plan but there is no doubt, it is the BEST reward photography has ever brought! Proud of you boys!