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on Aug 20, 2013 in Just Out!

Nikon Ambassador – United States


Being recognized as a visual storyteller is not only an honor, but it means a lot to me as that’s what I strive for with every click. Being selected to be a Nikon Ambassador, we’ve all been working towards today’s launch. But it wasn’t until today I knew who the other Ambassadors were and wow, what a select group! I’m totally taken a back!

The dedication to advancing the art of visual storytelling while embracing and mastering the latest technologies and trends in the field are paramount to these photographers being selected as Nikon Ambassadors.
As the top visual storytellers of this era, their advanced techniques, unprecedented creativity and tenacious approach to imaging solutions is demonstrated assignment after assignment, each and every time they pick up a Nikon camera.

This sums up well the goal I’ve made for my photography, past, present and future. I want to thank all of you for coming along for the ride with me!