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on Aug 26, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Taking Flight – Chptr 8 Released


Yesserie, Leveling the Airfield, Chptr 8 is now available. If you already own Taking Flight (thanks the thousands of you!), then just launch it on your iPad and you’re rockin. The new chapter is free! If you don’t own it, you can head to iTunes and download it and you’ll have as soon as it’s downloaded.

What’s new? Well, the new chapter is all about your getting started in the most exciting photography I know, air to air! From gear basics to your first photo mission, it’s all in there. Stills, video and a lot more is included in the chapter. Brent went crazy laying this chapter out and I can’t wait for you to see it. Oh yeah…and there’s a new Photoshop finishing video in Chapter 7 as well. So enjoy, it’s fun bringing it all to you! Happy Skies!