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on Aug 29, 2013 in Aviation, Gear Just Introed!

C-53 Jump Video

There are times when I think video rocks (that’s never when I’m editing it) as a storyteller and this is one of them! Having friends in the right places really helps in aviation photography. The pilot of the C-53 is a dear friend and when I requested to attached the GoPro Hero3 to capture the skydivers exiting the plane, he said let’s make it happen! Na, the video and editing are not perfect, this is a first for me in a couple of ways. First, never worked a flight with jumpers. Second, never got fancy and included music (thanks to Roy at Triple Scoop Music). So with all of that, here’s a little fun for you to watch.


A little bit on the photography. The Hero3 is set to Protune which creates a huge file, in fact this flight it made 9 files. Why do I go so big? I have NO clue how this might be used in the future or what technology will come down the road. With storage space so inexpensive, it seems like a no-brainer. The GoPro is mounted on the wing with the new NFlightcam Billet Mount (the red part unscrews so can be attached to hot shoe ballhead, sweet) and has the “Bright” Aviator Lens Kit. The Aviator Lens Kit does not slow the shutter speed down enough for me, so working on improving for next flight. The video editing was done in Premier CC and the music, that help came from Roy.