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on Aug 26, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The Rim Fire

The Rim Fire is a beast (4th largest fire in CA History) that has taken on a life of its own. Our prayers are with all the ground and air fire fighters fighting it along with all that have been affected by its anger. Many have reached out to us asking if we’re OK. We are grateful for your concern but we are about 40 miles away from the fire. It’s about 37 miles west of the ridge you see in this photo which is behind our home. The Sierra is dry, dry, dry an fire is a major concern and while we had one just a 1/2 mile away this past week from a lightning strike, it was dealt with quickly. Keep all those involved in all the firefighting in your prayers, they perform a thankless task on our...

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on Aug 26, 2013 in K&M Adventures

K&M Oregon Coast ’14

K&M Adventures is taking on the the elements with a winter Oregon Coast Adv, 19-23 March, 2014! This magnificent region is one Kevin & I have journeyed to and photographed many, many times. The coast in the winter is a spectacular photographic playground as Mother Nature chisels away at the rock! As you might notice, I think it’s a great place for B&W and is the same region featured in my Kelby Training Black and White Landscape Class. You’ll wanna fly into Portland on the afternoon of the 19th (by noon) and fly out on the 24th (after 2pm). We’ll pick you up from the airport and escort your around until we take you back to the airport. That, along with instruction are all included for the price of $2195 (limited to 7). We spend from breakfast until last up together shooting, eating, shooting, digital darkroom, laughing and other things you just can’t imagine! Which means you might find yourself in front of a subject you never imagined. (Unlike...

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on Aug 26, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Taking Flight – Chptr 8 Released

Yesserie, Leveling the Airfield, Chptr 8 is now available. If you already own Taking Flight (thanks the thousands of you!), then just launch it on your iPad and you’re rockin. The new chapter is free! If you don’t own it, you can head to iTunes and download it and you’ll have as soon as it’s downloaded. What’s new? Well, the new chapter is all about your getting started in the most exciting photography I know, air to air! From gear basics to your first photo mission, it’s all in there. Stills, video and a lot more is included in the chapter. Brent went crazy laying this chapter out and I can’t wait for you to see it. Oh yeah…and there’s a new Photoshop finishing video in Chapter 7 as well. So enjoy, it’s fun bringing it all to you! Happy...

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on Aug 23, 2013 in Aviation, B&W Photography

Ms Piggy

I called out the directions and Kevin being Kevin, just followed them. I kept telling the group we were going to see Ms. Piggy. Now if in Hollywood, such an adventure wouldn’t be thought of as odd. Up in the tundra of Churchill, Canada, odd is putting it mildly! We’re there in May to photograph birds, not some Muppet character. We make the turn and leave the main road (which is dirt) and take another dirt road. We “run” through the snow patch on the road, get past the junkyard dog, we bumped down the rock strewn road and barely make the left that brings us up to a semi “parking” area. They look around and then I point up the boulder ridge and there is a gasp in the car. That’s because one wouldn’t think a C-46 Commando could “blend” in the tundra. Ms Piggy as it’s been called as long as I’ve been heading up to Churchill is an old cargo plane that landed a tad short...

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on Aug 22, 2013 in Field Reports

My Photoshop World Classes

I’m in the final throws of getting classes polished for Photoshop World that is just a couple of weeks away which includes my new class, Breaking In and Making It in the Editorial Market. I want to help you make money for your passion while maintaining your passion for photography. I will be teaching my Critter & Aviation class which is not only new from the Spring PSW, but geared to answer all the questions I’ve received in the last 6 months from basics to complex. I look forward to being there and meeting all of you! Note: This is a tearsheet from Outdoor Photographer. One of the photos on this page was shot with a Coolpix 900 and as you can see, it made it to print. I’m going to share with you HOW to take the photo and than get PAID for it. YOU can do it...

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