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on Sep 5, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

NAPP Safari Hits the Track!





Our Photoshop World Precon was absolutely a blast! I had a great time with great folks at the amazing ExoticsRacing at the Las Vegas Racetrack. They completely made us feel welcomed with their $8mil dollar fleet of exotic cars. We had the opportunity to shoot with models with really cool set ups with cars like Lamborghinis which is something you just don’t get to do everyday. We also were able to shoot the cars on the track. I’m going to tell you, the brief few minutes I had shooting the cars going by was bloody too brief! Shooting at shutter speeds of 1/30 – 1/40, using simple panning and the speed of the cars, the illusion of speed was really simple to do. Panning freezes the cars and the slow shutter speed blurs the background. I shot with the D4 / 80-400VR3 and had a blast! The folks at ExoticsRacing are open to photographers coming out for just shooting. Of course, you can ride or drive too but if you just wanna have some fun, practice your panning or do some serious racing photography, you can do it all here!