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on Sep 13, 2013 in Aviation

“The Rising Run”


There is no way I was going to pass up this play on words. This great Zero from the SoCal CAF is at Reno with four other of their aircraft. We arranged to have them pulled out for what turned out to be a spectacular sunrise. There are two great aspects to these early morning (05:30) shoots. One is the gorgeous skies with gorgeous aircraft. The other is the tremendous fun shooting with all these other photographers. With a dozen countries represented, the jokes are constantly flying (pun intended) which just makes the whole event priceless!

On the photography side, it’s pretty straight forward. It’s a single click from a D4 / 80-400AFS that is processed in ACR 8.2. That’s it. Now the Shadow Slider is used to bring out the shadows, the Highlight slider used to bring down the highlights, but that is all that was done to create the photo. Oh ya, I forgot what for me is the most important piece of equipment, knee pads! Good be just getting older, but that tarmac seems to hurt more and more if I don’t have my gel filled knee pads. Remember, daily updates from Reno are at