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on Sep 27, 2013 in Just Out!

Five Easy Ways to Backup from ioSafe

I don’t know about the Earthquake season since we have them all the time, but the rest of this info is great food for thought to protect your images.

Earthquake Season is Here!
Five Easy Ways to Backup and Protect

Being in California, we get pretty bit jumpy this time of year 🙂

Seriously though, any season is disaster season. Just because you might not be in Colorado, don’t think your building can’t flood. Last year at ioSafe, our fire sprinkler system was broken by an HVAC contractor and it “rained” in our office for 30 minutes. Every computer had ioSafe’s attached though so zero data was lost.

Every business and house is subject to fire – even the computer you’re working on can catch fire from the inside out. In fact, every 19 seconds a fire department in the United States is responding to a fire (source: National Fire Protection Association)

Every drive (SSD or HDD) has the possibility of breaking, being corrupted or being deleted accidentally.

3-2-1 Backup. Keep 3 complete copies on 2 different devices and 1 copy that can survive disaster (either ioSafe, online or offsite). Do something – anything to protect your data.

I put together list of the top five things I personally do to protect my stuff and business. This is by no means an exhaustive list – just one to get you started thinking about disaster plans. Only you really know your vulnerabilities.

#5: Bare Minimum: Use an ioSafe Solo (USB) drive with every computer in your home or business to backup (make a copy – not just move the data!) the OS, programs and data on that individual computer. This is a relatively simple thing to do to get terabytes of backed up/protected data and it won’t impact your network bandwidth even one bit (or byte)! By far our most common customer panic call is because data was only stored on one device and then something bad happened. Just like keeping a spare tire on your car, keep a spare copy of data.

#4: Inventory Everything: Take videos or pictures of everything periodically that you own and disaster proof the data. You’ll be glad you did when you’re arguing with the insurance adjuster over the big pile of ashes that used to be your business.

#3: Disaster-proof DVR: Run video surveillance to a fireproof waterproof drive (N2 or Solo series). There are hundreds of solutions out there at all kinds of price levels for businesses and consumers. Write to us with any questions if you get stuck ( Maybe you’ll catch the person that bombed your building and impress Homeland Security with your forensic fortitude.

#2: Go Old School: Buy a big giant fire safe for all your non-digital stuff. Printed records, contracts, unscanned photos, keepsakes, etc. If you can’t afford a waterproof firesafe, I’d recommend using plastic ziplock bags to keep things dry inside the safe. In a real fire, the inside of a firesafe can get hot and steamy (not the Vegas definition). Also, firefighter hoses aren’t much help at keeping things dry. There’s a wide selection of options and special “media safes” for things like CDs and tapes, including specialty waterproof bags to protect from water damage. The folks at KLSecurity are probably the most knowledgeable people on the planet for this sort of thing ( Tell them “Robb sent you” and maybe you’ll get a special deal (hint hint). Hopefully they won’t hangup!

#1: Want Unlimited Dropbox and 100% Privacy? Get an ioSafe N2 NAS and setup a private cloud with the Synology Cloud Station feature (like Dropbox) on your most valued laptops. Keep terabytes synced back to the N2 NAS automatically with Synology’s award winning NAS OS for no monthly fees, virtually no limits and no snoopy NSA types getting your data without permission. I thought my misplaced Macbook Air was stolen a few weeks ago. I had zero concern over the data (over 300GB) on the laptop and was just irritated to have to setup a new machine. I luckily found the laptop but never did I have that panicky feeling of dread about the data on the machine. I kept accessing my current data set from my iPhone and when I got my computer back, I simply resumed work.

Take control of your private cloud! 3-2-1 Backup !

Please write us back, ask questions or just say hi. Have a great day and be safe.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask us at (I’m cc’d on these emails btw. really!).

-Robb Moore, CEO