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on Sep 27, 2013 in Just Out!

Five Easy Ways to Backup from ioSafe

I don’t know about the Earthquake season since we have them all the time, but the rest of this info is great food for thought to protect your images. Earthquake Season is Here! Five Easy Ways to Backup and Protect Being in California, we get pretty bit jumpy this time of year :) Seriously though, any season is disaster season. Just because you might not be in Colorado, don’t think your building can’t flood. Last year at ioSafe, our fire sprinkler system was broken by an HVAC contractor and it “rained” in our office for 30 minutes. Every computer had ioSafe’s attached though so zero data was lost. Every business and house is subject to fire – even the computer you’re working on can catch fire from the inside out. In fact, every 19 seconds a fire department in the United States is responding to a fire (source: National Fire Protection Association) Every drive (SSD or HDD) has the possibility of breaking, being corrupted or being deleted accidentally. 3-2-1...

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on Sep 26, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

22,000 Images Heading Home

After three weeks, we’re finally in route heading home with 22k new images. To say we are incredibly fortunate is an understatement and right now, I’m really feeling the pressure to share all the stories. But the reality is, I can’t get them all out fast enough in enough ways to say … wow! After Photoshop World, we went right to the Reno Air Races, their 50th and man, was it incredible! All the fun, racing, shooting and a first for me, daily entries took that 8 days and condensed them it seems to a heartbeat or two. I’ve not even told you the story about the “Great Rain” or the rest of the story of Peterson’s Flying Circus (THANKS to all who dropped by and left a bunch of dead presidents!!!). But because of that experience, Jake, Brent & I are creating a whole new website / gallery / teaching zone (mtc on that). Phew, just thinking about the week makes my head spin! With our trip to...

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on Sep 18, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

Where Are You Now?

I’m in Alaska with griz of course. It’s fall which means on the road. Sharon and I left home two weeks ago and won’t see it again until Thanksgiving. We are very fortunate to be able to see so much of our grand planet and share what we find with you! Currently, we’re up in magnificent Alaska working with one of my favorite critters, grizzly bears. Since you’re not able to be here with me, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on planning my 10 days here with you. There are two very important factors in planning to photograph griz the way I do, one if photographing griz’s story and the other is the Cessna 207. You have to have the right gear to make the photo but you can’t bring the kitchen sink because of the 207. You need that lens and body but you’ve gotta think of useful load and CG (center of gravity). The 207 might take off from your basic runway, but...

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