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on Oct 1, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Well … Where are the Stories?


I’m right the with you, I’m dying to get them all out! But as life would have it (kinda my fault since it’s how we planned it), we no sooner got home from AK and we’re back on a plane heading to NYC (and blog late because United wifi not turned on).

Traveling in AK in the fall by bush plane is truly one of the simple joys of life. But you’ve gotta take a deep breath when flying by bush plane, not because of the plane but because of delays. In our case, we were delayed getting into the lodge by two days by 50knt winds out of the west. Then there was a window and with two aircraft, Cessna 207 & 205, we safely landed at Hallo Bay. Seeing griz from the air as we came into land on the beach was great, I’ve missed that site. After getting planes unpacked and gear stowed, we took care of some housekeeping and than headed out to shoot. We were in Homer on our way to dinner when we got the call to fly, it was that late in the day. So we left the Hallo Bay Camp for a short walk to see our griz neighbors. We had barely left the camp when we came upon this bruin. With just the D4 / 80-400VR3 on a Vulture strap with the fading light, I raised the ISO to 1600 to make a couple of clicks. Photos like this I use to just keep track of individuals as I get to know a population. Being that I plan on haunting Hallo Bay, I want to know the neighbors.

They are calling the flight and I’ve got to run. And I really need to get the story out … tired of all the “bear eat me” myths out there. The truth while boring is still the truth. mtc …