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on Oct 8, 2013 in Camera Tech

CamRanger is Brilliant!


My friends at B&H love to pull my chain and nothin does it better than to hand me a new tool when they know I can’t play with it. Last week they put in my hand the CamRanger and I’ve been playing with it every since. This is simply a great tool! Using the iPhone or iPad, Win or Mac & Android, you connect in seriously a heartbeat with the very simple and straight forward UI and you’re operational. You see right through the viewfinder (taping the LiveView) so you shoot stills or video remotely, effortlessly. You can do time lapse, HDR, multiple focus and plain old click photography. It is SO well thought out, there isn’t a thing I would do to improve it. I can’t wait to install it in an aircraft cockpit and remotely shoot. Outstanding!