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on Oct 9, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Bear, Wind & LensCoat


It was late in the afternoon, dinner was done as we’re out heading over to where a griz was grazing. The wind was still blowing, gusts earlier that day hit 60knt on the gauge but it didn’t keep the bears or us inside. Now I was walking as I normally do with the 800, D4, Gitzo, Wimberley over my shoulder with D4, 80-400 on a Vulture strap also on my shoulder as we walked single file through the meadow. As you might know, I have the 800mm wearing a LensCoat. On this particular venture, I had the Hoodie on the 800mm covering the front element as well. all I was really pleased about because the sand was blowing bigtime! So we leave the beach and crest the small knoll and a gust of wind hits and the takes the Hoodie off the lens. I retrieve and keep on going thinking really nothing about it.

Three hours later finds us down on the other end of the beach walk back towards camp after photographing this great family group, a mom and three spring cubs. Well the wind had picked back up keeping our heads down as we walked. It was so bad the sand was sticking to the chapstick on my lips! Depending on where we were, the gust of wind would hit us with sand causing us all to protect our gear a little more than normal. Well, a huge gust of wind hit us again and this time, it took the Hoodie again. Man, can that Hoodie sail! Before we know it, it’s traveled the sixty feet to the waterline. Than another gust of wind hits it sending it out into the surf. Did you know them things float! Did you know that the part that hugs your lens barrel is a great sail? Well, I didn’t but I do now! I think that Hoodie got back to Homer across the inlet before I did. All I know if I’m Sooooo glad I have LensCoat protecting my gear. The stuff works! Oh, the bear photo above? They could care less about us or the wind or my Hoodie sailing across the inlet. It just kept on moseying on down the beach.