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on Oct 11, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Optical Extraction



Or as I think of it, too lazy to walk closer, is a simple technique using long glass and its properties to extract the photo. This can be in many ways, this is just one of them. While not everyone’s cup of tea, I saw a photo long ago like this that has really stuck with me and I keep working on getting my own. The foreground and subject is the winterized Aspens which in themselves can be a very interesting subject. The background are willows that are at their peak of fall color. By using a long lens, in this case the 800mm, a very small slice of the scene is photographed. No, these are not perfect but they are the closest I’ve gotten in years of what I remember and I live them. Here’s the flip side to this, if I don’t push myself to keep looking for that “perfect” shot and fail along the way, then I don’t fail. If I don’t fail, than I won’t learn to make the better shot. In this case, I like the light, love the background color but the aspens themselves, one is too busy the other, to heavy on one side of the frame. Lesson learned, copy light, copy background color, need less branches and more character in small diameter trunks. Now, if I can only remember that combo.