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on Oct 15, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Pack Them Trunks


I have a real photographic fascination with Aspen Trunks. First, I don’t very often get to them in the fall when they are at their best. And I nearly get to them in the fall when they are wet. In the fall when they are wet, you have less leaves so you can see more of the trunk and when wet, the elbows where the branches have broken off with time turn black. White is the dominant color, black brings the eye to the vertical lines and then with the right hint of fall, you add in the warm tones. What you see above is what I’m looking for and like. How did I find it? I think that’s the trick. First, you’ve gotta find a grove you can shoot into. Working off a road works because the road often is the avenue into the forest. Next, overcast soft light really helps. Next, shoot with a long lens, anywhere from 200mm to 400mm (I shot this with 800mm). Lastly, focus on either the left or right edge of the grove and slowly, slowly pan to the other end. Look in the viewfinder as you pan and if there is a photo there, it will smack you right between the eyes as you pan. The mind’s eye is really good at that, when you let it tell you when all the elements come together. Finally in post, in ACR, bring the black slider down making the blacks darker. That’s all the finishing that was done. That’s how this photo was taken.