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on Oct 16, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The Freedom to Move – CamRanger


It was another gorgeous morning at the Tetons. We were amazingly fortunate to have killer mornings every morning with none of them being the same. This morning was in particular gorgeous as the clouds danced around the peaks and the light played pick-a-boo. The K&M gang were really into the morning and asking tons of questions which is perfect! Well, I was bouncing around from camera to camera helping and realized I was missing the shot! I’m there to help not shoot but when it’s this gorgeous, I wanted a few of the clicks myself. Then it came to me so I ran off to the van and into my camera bag and came bag with the PERFECT solution. The CamRanger which I just acquired and wrote about worked brilliantly! I could walk around and help folks and then looking at my iPhone, see when the photo looked good at my camera, click the button and capture the shot. Ya, the CamRanger activates the LiveView and than broadcasts that to your device so you can see exactly what the camera is seeing. It worked great! There is only one, small, slight issue. To fire the iPhone, you need the use of your finger and this particular morning, it was damn cold!

Note to self … next time, stay in van, let CamRanger & camera deal with the cold.