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on Oct 23, 2013 in Field Reports

Coolpix A – The New Moose Cam


Video capture keeps getting better and better so I wanted to up my Moose Cam game. And in the beginning of my search I was just thinking video but than I thought there might be more to the Moose Cam than just video so I broaden my search. I moved up to the Cooplix A as my Moose Cam because of that. Why the Coolpix A? There are a number of reasons, the first is its image quality which I like coming from the combo of its sensor and its 28f2.8 lens. This goes for the stills as well as the video. It shoots Raw, you can add a SB-910 to it (I’m not going there), it has a menu system and features much like the D610 which makes it familiar, flexible and fit in with my system. And it has a response AF and shutter release that I can operate wearing gloves. And it’s built like a tank with an all metal case. I’ve already taken in on a few road trips and this week I’m throwing it into the deep end and have all the faith in the world it will deliver. Now, if I can just get to editing all I’ve shot … argh!

Note: again the product shot was done in a heartbeat using the Westcott Strip Box / SB-910 / PocketWizard FlexTT5 setup just 12″ above the product. I’m loving these new light modifiers!