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on Oct 31, 2013 in Aviation

Flying with “Dusty”


“Show up and you’ll fly.” This basics of aviation photography came true again for me this last week. At the Texas Flying Legends Museum working on the documentary when my good friend Rosie came up and asked, “available to fly?” The answer was obvious, “heck ya!” The photo mission though was to be one of the most unique ones I’ve had. My subject was “Dusty” from the Disney animation Planes. Our family are HUGE Planes fans so this was simply the coolest thing to do! “Dusty’s” pilot is Rusty (not makin that up) and is a really great guy. So Rusty, Dusty, Bernie (Cherokee / photo platform pilot) and I briefed the brief sunset flight and took off. It was such a hoot to watch ALL the kids go crazy when “Dusty’s” prop turns and then takes to the skies. So many smiles and waves.


The was literally the first (and might be only) time “Dusty” has flown with “Skipper” (the TFLM FG-1D Corsair in this case) in real life. We weren’t doing anything other than “purty” pictures for Disney for the sheer fun of being able to fly and make some cool images. Shooting with two D4s (one from, thx guys) and 80-400VR3 and 24-70AFS, we took to the air about thirty minutes prior to sunset. To be totally honest, when the Ag Tractor (Dusty) and Corsair first appeared in my viewfinder, I had to wipe my eyes as we all laughed at the combo. Seeing an Ag Tractor in sexy light HIGH over water just seemed so out of place. But we had a great shoot with “Dusty” putting on a great show for the camera. It was one of those experience I soon won’t forget, I flew with “Dusty” and “Skipper” and have the photos to prove it.