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on Oct 24, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

D610 – It’s in Hand!

Oh ya, we’re walking out the door on our latest project and Mr UPS walks up and hands me a B&H box containing a D610! Hot Dogs, I charged the battery on the flight and landed with the camera ready to go, Lexar 64gb SD loaded, and all my settings inserted (I’ll be posting my settings here soon). Than we dealt with really slow, slow, slow luggage, horrible traffic and when I could finally shoot, it was dark! Argh!!! So as you read this, I’m out shooting it up with this great priced killer camera....

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on Oct 23, 2013 in Field Reports

My 2nd Brain / ShapeShifter – Easy Travel!

You might have noticed, I travel a bit. Getting the back end, computers and the like, safely to the location is just as important as the cameras. I’ve been lookin and lookin and finally found the perfect combination for me and wanted to share it with you. The Think Tank Shape Shifter (black case) has been around for quite some while and is has a huge fan base (and I can see why), it’s great! It can carry nearly everything in my former briefcase along with a body and a couple of lenses. But Think Tank just upped the game with the newly introduced My 2nd Brain (gray case on right) and Powerhouse case (gray case on left). This combination frees my hands since it’s a backpack, it protects it all and easily goes under the seat of a plane and best of all, everything inside is totally and easily accessible. While a bit early for my Africa trip, this appears to be the perfect solution with its weight...

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on Oct 23, 2013 in Field Reports

Coolpix A – The New Moose Cam

Video capture keeps getting better and better so I wanted to up my Moose Cam game. And in the beginning of my search I was just thinking video but than I thought there might be more to the Moose Cam than just video so I broaden my search. I moved up to the Cooplix A as my Moose Cam because of that. Why the Coolpix A? There are a number of reasons, the first is its image quality which I like coming from the combo of its sensor and its 28f2.8 lens. This goes for the stills as well as the video. It shoots Raw, you can add a SB-910 to it (I’m not going there), it has a menu system and features much like the D610 which makes it familiar, flexible and fit in with my system. And it has a response AF and shutter release that I can operate wearing gloves. And it’s built like a tank with an all metal case. I’ve already taken in on...

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on Oct 22, 2013 in Aviation

Wings Over Houston – Giant Weekend!

This coming weekend will be one of the biggest gatherings of warbirds for quite some time and I can’t wait! I hope I cya there and if you see me, please say hello! I’ll be jumping around like a crazy man working on four separate project, the most exciting is a new Kelby Class (but it’s not a class) on Air to Air photography. I’m so pumped now I can hardly concentrate on work I need to do to go. But I want you to be prepared so you might want to check out this post Ten Tips and this post and of course the grand daddy of posts, our BIG Post And if you want to learn even more about aviation photography, you might wanna check out this cool opportunity down at the Dixie Wing of the CAF good people, great planes, great times! Hope to cya on the flight...

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