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on Nov 29, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The Worst Weather can …

make for the best photography! My rule of thumb is, if I can handle the weather, so can the camera. In this case though, we needed the assist of a big ass hangar. It was Sunday of the Wings Over Houston airshow. As is normal, we got to the Texas Flying Legends Museum hangar well before sunrise to get to work on the sunrise shoot. Driving to the airport, saw the lightning in the distance and looking at my favorite lightning app, RadarCast, I saw a whole lot more was heading right for the airport. We pulled in, got our gear into the hangar and the skies opened up, oh my, did they let loose!!! The hangar doors were wide open and chairs set up, SOP. Grabbing a hot cup of coffee and watching the run rise behind all the aircraft with friends is a simple joy, but that wasn’t going to happen this morning. Within minutes, the rain was coming down so hard, it was bouncing up off...

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on Nov 28, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Photography FUNdamentals – The Next Chapter is out!

Combining the Elements to Tell the Story, Chapter 5 is now available, FOR FREE (how anti Black Friday, right?)! Thanks to our friends at B&H Photo, my iBook Photography FUNdamentals is ALL free which includes this new chapter. Chapter Five is all about bringing all those elements that go into a photograph together to tell YOUR story about the subject. Some might summarize it in the one word, composition, but I feel there is so much more than some rules. And the beauty of being an iBook, this entire chapter is all video. It’s a total of a two hour slideshow where I talk about the strength and weakness of an image, using elements like Light & Bright and Sharpness to move the eye around in the frame. I go into how this lens worked for this subject, minimum DoF worked for that. There are birds, mammals, rocks and water, grand vistas, people and I think even a macro shot in the chapter. Being a video, you can pause,...

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on Nov 26, 2013 in Aviation

That One Click Might Take 29+

A common question I’ve been receiving recently has to do with the image I post. The majority of the time, it’s about the action shot and how I get all the elements I desire in just one click. The most common question is, “Do you previsualize the photo?” Yes and no is the honest answer. The light, gesture and color are very much previsulaized but the most important element in this famous formula, gesture, often requires the motordrive (I know, we technically don’t have motordrives but I’m an old fart) to capture. I’ve post a typical example of what I’m talking about to explain my “technique.” We’re over the Galveston Bay with Ray’s gorgeous T6 and as you can see, its yellow could be seen half a globe away. We’re flying near sunset (remembering the sun sets later at 500AGL than is does on the surface) to take advantage of that soft light. Than there is the gesture which comes from two separate elements that we want to combine...

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on Nov 26, 2013 in Landscape Photography

I Applaud Creativity!

Our fall B&H Photo / Lexar Moose Cruise was just a blast with a boat load of great folks! There was a father/daughter pair from Australia who were all smiles as we cruised. Now Chloe caught my attention right from the start. Now you might be looking at Chloe’s photo above (which is really cool) and thinking, “Photoshop” but such is not that case. And that’s how Chloe caught my attention. Here, you can see one of the photos in the LCD and below, you can see Chloe’s technique. Yeap, the photo is a reflection that she creates on the surface of her iPhone and in one click, makes the photo. Now when I was across the deck looking at what she was doing, it really, really, really had me scratching my head. So I walked over and asked and got an education. Chloe’s smile the whole time she was shooting is what really told the whole story and whenever you see a photographer smiling like that, you know...

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