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on Nov 4, 2013 in Great Stuff

A Great Little Camera


We’d been on for 6 days, up at 0430 and not hitting the sheets until 0000 so we took a morning off. We decided to see some of our history, play tourist and tour the Houston Control Center. Having grown up in the era of moon walks, having an uncle very much part of the program, it was a must see. And it didn’t disappoint! I wanted to take photos but I wasn’t wanting to carry the D4 / 18-35AFS un the Vulture strap, I wanted to play tourist but wanted Raw files knowing the tour would be quick, lighting varied. I had the perfect answer with me, the Coolpix A.


The Coolpix A simply slipped into my back so carrying it worked great. It has a fixed, 28f2.8, amazingly sharp lens which worked perfect for the tour. Now you might be asking what one does when 28mm is too narrow. It’s a old photography technique, physically move closer. The framing than was done by simply moving closer or further away from the subject. The first two images were actually taken through the plexi separating folks from the rooms. Even with that, I was amazed by the results. One cool thing on a side note that most think about but I didn’t until I was shooting. There is not noise, you don’t hear the shutter! Keep in mind I’m the guy who likes to rip the shutter of the D4 because I like the sound. But in this environment where folks are listening to the guide, that shooting style just isn’t appropriate. The Coolpix A just rocked!


Now I got the Coolpix A to be the Moose Cam. It had plenty of action in those regards the prior week. I’ve not even edited all the video it shot but I learned one thing I want to pass along. It had a great Auto ISO mode which works great shooting stills or video. But if you want to control the Shutter Speed when shooting video, you need to go to Manual Mode where you can manually set the ISO. Videoing aircraft, I want the prop to blur so you want a shutter speed of 1/60 or less. Otherwise, you’ll see that “prop slap” as I call it. I’ve had A LOT of Coolpix cameras in over the years and I can honestly say that the Coolpix A is the finest one I’ve ever shot with!