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on Nov 13, 2013 in Field Reports

Sensor Cleaning – Not Always Perfect

The video above is still the basic way I clean my sensors. Copperhill products simply rock, making it simple and painless, as much so as a product can. Recently though, I came up against a dirty sensor that quickly put me in sensor cleaning hell. I simply couldn’t get my sensor clean, it smeared and smeared and I couldn’t figure out the issue. At home, I do it in a heartbeat and it’s something I can do in my sleep. But in this instance, I was going through supplies like mad with no progress. It was driving me nuts. Then I figured out the issue.

One of the key components in cleaning our sensors is the rapid evaporation of the cleaning fluid we use. We don’t “dry” it all off, it evaporates off. At my office, there is no humidity so the sensor is dry before the swab can get to the other side of the sensor. In Texas where I was having so much trouble, the humidity was through the roof. Making the problem worse was the air conditioning running in the room. The cleaner wouldn’t evaporate, never, in those conditions. Headed to the outer bathroom area, turned on the hair dryer and warm up the air around the camera and cleaning was back to simple again. Why it took so long for me to figure out still bothers me but if you have issues cleaning your sensor, it might not be you! Working in warm, dry air makes all the difference in the world.