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on Nov 15, 2013 in Camera Tech

The 58f1.4 AFS – Why f/1.4?


I have had A LOT of emails asking, why the 58f1.4AFS, Why f1.4? These are BOTH very valid questions and bring up the concept and implementation of DoF in our visual communicating. Depth of Field is one of our more powerful tools in arranging elements, commonly summed up as composition. Smacking the viewer between the eyes with the subject in part is done with the lack of, or the abundance of focus around that subject. And this degree of sharpness can be manipulated further with focal length and camera distance to the subject and distance between the subject and the background. In this pursuit, there are many lenses like the 24f1.4AFS all the way up to 200f2AFS that really make the most of the lack of DoF. In the animated Gif above, you can see with the new 58f1.4FS, when 8 feet away from the trunk with lichen (the focus point), how it visually “pops” when shot at f/1.4 compared to f/16 (as much as the 58mm closes down). It’s that focal length and that f/stop, f/1.4 that I personally like. I’ve tired the 35f1.4AFS and 85f1.4AFS and while they are sweet lenses, blazing sharp, the focal length doesn’t work for my style of photography. 58mm does and that’s why 58f1.4AFS for me. Hope this helps folks understand a little more about their own lens selection.