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on Nov 18, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Moment in the Clouds


Oh man, what a week! It was simply a killer time in a gorgeous place with some down right really nice folks! Good food, laughs and photography sure does make the time fly. We had just one “moody” time in the valley so I took the group up to Glacier Point. Normally this time of year, the road is closed due to snow so regrettably while no snow, we had access. By the time we arrived at Washburn Point, the skies and light were perfect. The evening held a ton of promise for an amazing show. The clouds were wizzin by which always means great sunsets in the Sierra. When we finally arrived at Glacier Point itself and were in place, the wind and completely died and left the clouds stacked up and dark on our heads. It went from great to, OK at best but we still made the most of it. One of the best parts of the whole time was being with folks who had never experienced Yosemite or Glacier Point before. To see how big their eyes got when they looked over the edge, it was priceless! Another simple click made the the COOLPIX 7800