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on Nov 19, 2013 in Aviation

Look at the Subject from Both Sides



Now I’m obviously not referring to crawling under a griz to photograph its belly. I’m talking more along the lines of every coin has two sides kind of thing. Many photographers look at a good subject, but it just doesn’t grab them. It happens to me even though I know it’s a good subject. So perhaps by simply looking at it’s other side, the way to take the photo that excites you might appear. This is true for nearly everything from as large as Half Dome to a as small as a flower. Many photograph Half Dome from the valley floor, few find it from its eastern view. Shooting from the sky down on flowers common, the cool photos though come from those shooters who shoot from the bug’s eye view. In this case, the background wasn’t cutting it shooting down on this gorgeous polished T6 Texan. By changing my point of view, the background is improved the the subject shines. Shooting the D4 / 24-70AFS / Vulture Strap and a couple of hand signals and we made the shot. When you’re just not feelin the love, shoot the other side.