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on Nov 19, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag

Video of the Back End


I’ve become pretty obsessed with capturing video of all our aviation flights. Making them better and better, more and more unique is all part of the program. This means pushing the given to the custom. Here’s what I’ve got going currently. The main cameras (yes, more than one at a time) is the GoPro Hero3 silver. It’s straight off the shelf, using its wireless and the GoPro App on the iPhone for set up. When it comes to starting and stopping the camera, I still do it manually at the camera.


When it comes to attaching it to external surfaces of an aircraft, I’m using the NFlightcam Billet Mount (the red part unscrews so can be attached to hot shoe ballhead, sweet) and has the “Bright” Aviator Lens Kit. The Billet Mount works GREAT! A talk with the pilot comes first, discussing with them where I would like to place it and verifying that’s flight worthy. The Lens Kit is NO WAY dark enough to slow the shutter speed to remove the slap, slap, slap look of the props. I bought addition Neutral Density Material that I cut and have now mounted inside the lens port of the Hero. I had to purchase the GoPro Standard Housing Lens Replacement Kit for the tool to remove the screws to insert the neutral density gel. And that’s how the Missing Man video was shot.