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on Nov 25, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag

P7800 & WU-1a


The more and more I use and play with the Coolpix P7800, the more I really like it! The image quality for such a simple capture device is simply amazing. And it’s so much fun to shoot with, I went and got WU-1A Wireless unit. It’s a small unit, I mean small and it runs off the batter of the P7800 so it’s not got a huge range. But when using with the Nikon WMU App, you can remotely fire and if you wish, upload images to your smart device.
WMUappNeither the WU-1A nor the app are meant to be or are as sophisticated as say the Cam Ranger for the D4, nor are they the same price. How could you make great use of this simple technology? You could place it as a remote on a bird feeder to get them use to a camera while at the same time spying on who is coming in. You could set up the P7800 behind you and take BTS, project in progress photos. You could even place it in the cockpit of a plane and do remote pilot photos. And if you’ve never done remote work before, here’s a great, simple way to start.
WU-1aCUSet up of the app is no more than making sure the WU-1a is active, turn on your wireless (I’m using the iPhone 5) on your smart device and select the WU-1a network and than tap the app. You will see right through the lens on your smart device and there is a button to fire the camera. It’s really just that simple and fun.