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on Nov 28, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Photography FUNdamentals – The Next Chapter is out!


Combining the Elements to Tell the Story, Chapter 5 is now available, FOR FREE (how anti Black Friday, right?)! Thanks to our friends at B&H Photo, my iBook Photography FUNdamentals is ALL free which includes this new chapter.

Chapter Five is all about bringing all those elements that go into a photograph together to tell YOUR story about the subject. Some might summarize it in the one word, composition, but I feel there is so much more than some rules. And the beauty of being an iBook, this entire chapter is all video.


It’s a total of a two hour slideshow where I talk about the strength and weakness of an image, using elements like Light & Bright and Sharpness to move the eye around in the frame. I go into how this lens worked for this subject, minimum DoF worked for that. There are birds, mammals, rocks and water, grand vistas, people and I think even a macro shot in the chapter. Being a video, you can pause, repeat and go back over and over again as you teach yourself the best way for YOU to tell YOUR visual story. If you’re looking for rules and formulas, those are not included. The story is yours to tell visually your way. This chapter is how you empower your passion in your photography taping your heart more than your head. Power up the iPad and if you already have Photography FUNdamentals, you’ll be prompted to download the update. If you don’t have it, click on the link above and you can have this iBook FOR FREE!

Note: Yes, Andriod versions of all our iBook / iMags are in development. Look for them in 2014.