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on Dec 4, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Got Part of the Equation, Yay!


We woke up to a dusting of snow which by sunset, turned into about five inches. It’s now ten degrees and tonight it’s supposed to get down to -4, so things are looking good. And by the afternoon, the birds started to show back up in the feeders and bird baths. So we’re making progress. With all the big winds, the feeder protected from the wind was the most popular and sad to say, not even photographable. On the bright side, with all the activity at that feeder, our neighborly Red-shafted Flicker which normally feeds there decided to go to the other side to feed. Lucky for me!


I had the gallery all set up to go, D4, 800f5.6, SB-910 powered by SD-9 shooting through the Wescott Rapid Box Octa triggered by Pocket Wizard but there was this one little shaft of light, this one little glint in the eye that, well, I didn’t want to ruin with flash. I have the Function Button on the D4 programed to disengage the flash for just such occasions. And just when I got the lens trained on the Flicker, a Sharpie flew through the property which made the Flicker freeze (didn’t want to become a meal itself). This was important because even though the snow was bouncing what light that was available, my shutter speed was still only 1/6, f/5.6. I took some shots and then wondered if I could go tight on just the eye. I attached the TC.25e giving me 1000f/7.1 (1/5sec) and got one click off when the Sharpie left the yard. Seconds later the Flicker went back to feeding before I could move closer physically for the shot. So while I didn’t get “the” shot, at least we made progress in the right direction. Sharon’s grateful for the snow too, maybe now I’ll stop bouncing off the walls to shoot.