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on Dec 4, 2013 in Just Out!

Piccure Camera Shake pluggin


This is simply an interesting tool I thought I should make you aware of. Camera Shake technology is moving right along and Piccure is a pluggin that might just help an image that is not tack sharp. Nothing can replace taking an image sharp right from the get go, nor does Piccure fix every image, but it does work with some. They are in fact pretty up front about what it does and doesn’t work on and that impressed me. I ran it on a couple of images, one you see right here. In this example, it worked pretty well. You can see how the nose of the Shrike, my lovely bride and good friend Casey are definitely sharpened. Below you can see the results and when you look at the magnification, it’s impressive.

The Before and the After

The Before and the After

Now like I said, it doesn’t work on everything and I had such a result. I contacted the folks at Piccure and they returned my email with answers ASAP and were very up front and helpful. Hat’s off to them for that. One issue with the technology, which I have no doubt will solve itself in time which is why I’m telling you about this, is it works best with the sRGB color space. My issue was the complexity of the ProPhoto RGB image I was trying it on. You can DOWNLOAD is for a full, FREE 14day trial for Photoshop and/or Lightroom. You got an image that is soft that really means a lot to you that you want sharp? You might just give this a try.