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on Dec 12, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

The Other Great Flip Side to Winter

Short-billed Dowitcher  1190

So one of the aspects of winter I look forward to when the snow is falling at the home, are shorebirds on the beach. I just love shorebirds at the water’s edge! They make me laugh, they challenge my photography and they are fun to photograph. You can’t ask for more from a subject. Now is a great time to be on the shore looking for them. Some will have a tad of their summer plumage left making them looking just a tad special. You will have to first scan the water’s edge with bins to find the one or two individuals, but when you do, hot dogs. This a Short-billed Dowitcher I found last winter that is just such an individual. And once I find them, I work them just as long as I can.

Short-billed Dowitcher 0887

The one thing you’ll notice that is the same in both of these photos is my point of view. I’m down in the sand at their level. It’s a favorite technique of mine I’ve used for decades. You’ll find a whole class on it here on Kelby Training in fact. These were shot with a D4, 600f4 w/2x using a Panning Plate. The benefit of getting down low are numerous. You can control the background, you can look them in the eye, you minimize the foreground and you make them comfortable so they come closer. And, it just feels good to lay in the sand like a kid again. So when the cold of winter starts to settle in, head to the beach with your long lens and have some fun with the shorebirds!