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on Dec 16, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Winter’s Walk


Sharon & I are quite blessed with some great friends and we spent the last part of last week with just those who, love to walk in the snow! Now, that’s my kind of people. So they took us to a trail along the Huron River for a gorgeous walk. The first think some would ask is, “Did you drive to the trail?” Yeap, even though there was perhaps 6″ of snow and ice on the road, the two mile drive was easy in the Land Cruise. Next, the most common question is, “What did you wear?” You really can’t go by me, I just had on regular pants and Carhartt jacket. Lastly, “Did you do anything special for your camera?” Nope, it was on a camera strap hanging on my shoulder as we walked the trail.


When shooting on days when it’s snowing, there is no way to avoid the gray skies. Knowing that, you’ve gotta think of how to best incorporate it into the photo. My personal preference is to find warm colors, such as browns and include those brown elements in the photo. In fact, you could say the color brown in many ways is the subject. Now when shooting when it’s snowing, you need to know that you will have a color cast, a blue cast that you can remove either in camera or post to “warm” up the photo which only really makes the browns come to life. So with that, you look for patterns of the brown in the white / gray and shoot.


I went shooting with my new favorite body, the Df and 18-35AFS lens. Like I mentioned, I had this outside my jacket hanging on the strap. Yes, snow collected on the body and lens. No, neither ever had any issue. When the snow got so deep on the body I couldn’t see the shutter speed dial, I took in a deep breath of cold air and then blew the snow off the body. I didn’t want warm air (and I’m full of hot air) as that would start the flakes to melting and I didn’t want that. Once back in the Land Cruiser, I used a start to “snap” the snow off. I didn’t wipe or blot, but snapped the towel on the gear to use the force of air that created to “blow” the snow off. It was a great morning with friends, camera and our great outdoors. I hope you have the same experience this Christmas season.