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on Dec 16, 2013 in Camera Tech, Moose's Camera Bag

The Df Does Weather


On our recent trip to Ann Arbor, I took just the Df, 50f1.4AFS & 18-35AFS (P7800 & SB-300 as well) because I wanted to put the Df though more real world work (I’ll be commenting on it all week). I just wanted to show you that it actually is a tough camera today. Many seemed to have gotten the impression the Df isn’t built well, quite the contrary! Whenever I get new gear, I abuse it just to make sure that a year after purchase, I have something still performs like new. The Df is solid construction and up to this point, handling with ease everything I’m throwing at it!

Note: photos taken by Sharon with her V2 which can also take the weather!