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on Dec 17, 2013 in Camera Tech

Df Noise – As Good as They Say?


I’ve been enjoying the image quality of the Df. After seeing the DxoMark stating how the Df is better than the D4 (which is pretty amazing) I wanted to see in the real world if that is the case. So when we visited the Sandbar Mitchell project, I shot with the D4 at ISO1600. Since I shoot A LOT of restoration projects and often shoot with just available light, I knew this would be a great test for the Df’s noise performance.


What you see here is a severe crop of the base of the seats in the darkest part of this B-25J cockpit (red square top photo). You can see rivet and nuts head detail in the crop. That is pretty darn sweet to me. Na, I haven’t done a side by side between the D4 and the Df. But I did shoot a project with the Df and it did a really good job, great job. So between what DxoMark said and what my own real world shoot show, I have all the confidence in the world in the Df’s ability to deal with noise. Just one more feature showing this isn’t a camera just for nostalgia.