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on Dec 18, 2013 in Aviation

A Spin Over the Lake



Sharon & I are blessed with many great friends. Some of them have some really cool toys and when opportunity knocks … well. On Sunday afternoon, had the good fortune to go flying with our long time friend Dennis, simply an amazing pilot! We went up to Lake Tahoe in a WWII trainer, T6 Texan and man, what a flight! It was just us, no other aircraft checking out the view on a gorgeous blue sky day. After getting done with the basics, it was time to head back to the field. Dennis asked, “Everything all secure back there?” which I know is the signal for fun. So with, “You bet,” off we ran.



With the Df and 18-35AFS set to go, we ran the ridges all the way down to the valley floor. There are no words and certainly no photos that can begin to say how much fun this is to do. Many times, Dennis checked to see if I was OK (many loose their biscuits on such runs) but all I could say was, more! The one BIG challenge is to remember to take photos. To be honest with you, on the first barrel roll, I totally forgot to put the camera up to my eye. I could do barrel rolls all day. Dennis does them so smooth and with such romance, well, I simply can’t put the experience into words other than, big time fun! mtc