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on Dec 18, 2013 in Aviation

Now, to get a Little Practice In


After my getting my little work done, only fair Dennis gets in a little time for his. The T6 Gold Race champ at Reno many times over (including this year at the 50th), Dennis took me for a spin around his practice course. I’ve always wondered what it was like to go around the pylons, being 50′ above the ground at 244mph. I can honestly say I now have a sense of it. Here, we’re setting up to “jump onto the course.”


Oh baby, blows away any E Ticket ride! See the blur of the ground? That’s at 1/500! You see, I had the Df and 18-35AFS set up from the aerials and in having SO MUCH FUN flying, I totally forgot to set for the ground run. Oh darn, I’ll just have to do it again!