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on Dec 20, 2013 in Just Out!

Night Photography – Gabriel Biderman


I just finished my dear friend Gabe’s new book, Night Photography and it’s a great read! Gabe is just one of those rare folks who, with a simple introduction you’re best friends and when a camera is involved, a talented and inspired teacher. The Gabe we’ve come to know and laugh with is in this book cover to cover making it just a hoot to read. All you have to do is look at one of the photos of himself in the book to see what I mean!


What Gabe does such a great job at is simply getting you out behind the camera at night making really fine image fast, easy and successfully. You might recognize Gabe’s name, or even his photo. He’s my personal shopper at B&H and has turned me on to many new and cool tools I share with you here on the blog. Well, now when it comes to Night Photography, he shares all of that knowledge with all of you. I’m not sure I like sharing him come to think about it. He has some amazing images illustrating the book and two techniques I’m looking forward to trying out this weekend. I know you’ll love the book and get a lot out of what Gabe shares so get a copy and you’ll see why we’ve come to love Gabe!