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on Dec 21, 2013 in Great Stuff

Moose’s Updates

Back in the old days, prior to the blog, we had Moose News, an email blast we’d send out with Moose news. Once the blog went live, Moose News went away. Recently, a bunch of folks have called the office asking how folks are able to sign up for our workshops before they are announced on the blog. It’s because folks who have already attended our workshop be emailed when we have new offerings. With so many receiving their emails on their smart device, many of asked why not bring back Moose News. Well, we came up with a simple email list using MailChimp. So, fill out the form below and when we have something like a new workshop (have two news ones coming in 2014) you’ll receive an email and be the first to know. No, you won’t receive a ton of emails from us so you will have to watch for those that come. We’re keeping it simple, hope to stay in touch with a whole bunch more of you in the future.

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