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on Dec 23, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag

Df Firewords

Nigh of Light Fireworks

(click on image to see gallery)

One of the great parts of Night of Lights is the firework show. It is done on the slopes and is gorgeous! We were there to just enjoy friends and the evening so shooting wasn’t a priority. Still shooting the Df at ISO3200, I switched lenses to the 24f1.4AFS, shot at f/1.4 and just enjoyed the evening. I was shooting haldheld, actually using just one hand so wanted a fast shutter speed. Knowing where the fireworks were being launched, I could tell when a shell was being shot off. I just framed up the Groomers Christmas tree and depressed the shutter release. I let the law of averages take care of the rest. Great show, enjoy the clicks.