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on Dec 23, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag

Df Hits the Stage


Saturday night was our annual Night of Lights here in Mammoth. It’s a grand seasonal celebration on the slopes attended last night by six thousand folks (the gondola ride up and back is always a hoot). Well as you can imagine, I took a camera, figuring it would be another good test for the Df loaded with the 58f1.4AFS. Between working in the crowds, shooting in 25degree temps on the snow and the total dark outside venue, figured it would be a challenge. Last year I shot it with the D4 / 24f1.4AFS so I knew what that combo would produced. So I have a baseline to compare to. I was ready to rock it.


Now I’m no Allen Hess, Brad Moore or Drew Gurian (very talented shooters!) by any stretch of the imagination. My goal when shooting the band wasn’t anything more than to see what the Df / 58f1.4 would do in this dark world, hot lights and high ISO. Yeap, I shot at ISO3200 and I was VERY pleased with the results. The noise is LESS than what the D4 did previously in the same situation. I especially liked how the Df handled the mix lights shooting on AWB. No, photographically the images aren’t all that, well, good but it’s not like I did the Hess move to get up front. In the cold, with the crowd and with the situation, the Df did a great job. mtc