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on Dec 30, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Walk Back to Yesterday


Bodie State Park is a place my family has been visiting for a while, since a cousin ran the mill there in 1900. With the lack of snow so far this winter, the road to the park and the park itself is open for visitation. With Brent’s better half Katt never having been to the old family homestead, we packed the dogs and our good friend Jeff Cable into the cars (not in that order) and off we went. It’s just an hour drive from our home, so we were there in no time.


Jake summed it up pretty well in his blog today, it’s not a new place to us and the light was, well, yuck. No matter, we went with cameras and shot. I took my favorite right now, the Df & 18-35 on my shoulder for the walk. Having run a workshop series in Bodie in the early 90’s and writing a book on its history (nope, never published), I was the unofficial trivia guide more than photographer. We were all hoping for more “snow shots” but such was not the case. In fact, finding snow that could be incorporated in the photo to say we were there in winter was a major challenge.


One of the uh oh moments for me was leaving my polarizer in the truck. If there is ONE PLACE that must have a polarizer on a clear day is Bodie! That’s because it’s the tool to remove the blue reflection from the sky from all the rust. Since I was too lazy to walk back to the truck to get the polarizer, I thought I might be able to effect a polarizer like result in ACR. Heading to the HSL/Grayscale tab, I removed the Blue in the Luminance & Saturation tabs and added Magenta / Purple which did a pretty good job. I would much rather had done it right in the camera, but I was too busy having fun with family and friends than be a photographer.


And summing up the great day best is this photo. Here you see myself with my long time and dear friend Jeff Cable. Besides being a marvelous photographer and globe trotting educator, he heads up the Lexar Group at Micron. The two of us have chased all sorts of fun in the name of photography over the decades. He’s heading to the Winter Games being the official shooter for the US Hockey team. Head to his blog and follow the action, it’s going to be great. The third person in the photo is Jake, taking the photo of the two of us. And that’s still the best part about photography, that’s getting out with family and friends sharing the experience. I hope during this week of celebration, you are afforded the same opportunity to spend time with family and camera!