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on Dec 30, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Winter’s Walk to the Lakes


With a beautiful sunny afternoon and annual tradition of holiday dinner with our dear friends The Cables, off to the lakes we headed. With dogs and camera, we headed up the trail. It would turn out being just a four mile walk up but it was great. The snow in many places was gone, we walked on the exposed road but the ice was fun. One of the great blessings of living in paradise is the ability to instantly be in wilderness and is one we take advantage of every chance we get. It’s just a fun family outing!


But as you might imagine, I’m not going on such a walk simply to walk. Not me, the camera has to go (Df & 18-35) and I’m lookin for my now life long adversary, The Bastard (known as the White-tailed Hare to science). Now you might be wondering why, if I was looking for a rabbit I would have such a small lens. Well, since we were walking with our dogs as well as most others out for a walk, actually seeing the rabbit was not likely. Rather, I was looking for its tracks which I did not find. What you see here are the tracks of a cottontail, bummer. No matter, it was a great afternoon walk and now having had that dinner, glad we went!